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Moremonee provides banking solutions that give you the freedom to make quick and easy payments, access loans, make more Profits and help you grow faster financially.

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Accept Payments, Manage your Business from Anywhere.

1. Payments

Perform cash-in and cashout Operations.

2. Bills

Adopt seamless bills payment services.

3. Savings and Thrift

Activate savings pot to boost savings culture.

4. Lending

Grant and manage loans in a few clicks.


Grow your business

MoreMonee Merchant platform is a modern solution that enable businesses to collect payment from customers through their ATM cards with instant settlement into the business owners accounts.

  • Stable Network.
  • Easy Cash Withdrawal.
  • Easy Bills Payment.
  • Easy Money Transfer.

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Our Products

All-in-one Solution to Connect to your Business

Smart, Simple, and efficient way to finance your business.

Mobile App

Manage every aspect of your business with the MoreMonee app and get easy access to your finances on-the-go.

POS Terminal

Accept payments from your customers with our POS terminals which are secure and reliable for all your card transactions.

Debit Card

Bank without limits with our debit cards that allow for more secure payments from your business account anywhere you are.